are committed

to supporting various technology initiatives that give fun, drive innovation and generate value.


deliver software

that fundamentally changes the client's performance and has a significant impact on the future of their business.

are passionate

about creating new things

enjoy building

trying, and testing new products.

are looking for solutions

to untypical mission-critical software ventures.

Meet the team

We undertake fascinating projects, and we do it out of passion, not a necessity.

Maciek Grzonkowski

Co-founder, Business Development & Finance

A passionate entrepreneur with a strong technology background and an engineer’s soul. For the past 15+ years, he dedicated himself to managing technology businesses and leading them through various stages of growth. He is proud to have helped product companies in serving millions of end-users globally. A Great fan of Golang, tennis, and travel. In Codespot, apart from being involved in essential technology projects, Maciek focuses on business development and finance.

Kuba Górski

Co-founder, Business Development & Operations

An entrepreneur with a strong software engineering background. For over 15 years as a professional,  he has built and scaled products globally to massive footprints. He has delivered dozens of complex projects. A sports addict who happens to do some robotics in his spare time. In Codespot, apart from being involved in essential technology projects, Jakub focuses on business development and marketing.

Adam Dawidziuk

Co-founder , Technology & Engineering

A technology enthusiast and practitioner with 15+ years of experience in driving software design and engineering of products used in millions of households globally. He has led small and large development teams to deliver outstanding measurable results. He is a security and privacy freak, which is important. In Codespot, Adam focuses on technology and engineering.

Since 2009 we have been running
Picasso Ventures

an investment company that provides software for demanding projects globally.

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We are human

We love

dynamic sports

dynamic sports

Together we play basketball, tennis, squash and other sports. We support local professional teams and players.

good wine

good wine

Every wine has a story to tell. For every larger project, we assign a            special bottle of wine. Once a milestone is reached, we celebrate.

hobby projects

hobby projects

Building smart furniture? Creating an unmanned vehicle?  Why not?

distance travels

distant travels

Exploring new places. Experiencing different cultures and meeting interesting people. It’s a great source of inspiration.