We love to

identify and solve problems

that impact the wider industry

We implement ideas that are relevant to the market with the idea that they will be able to a spin-off.

That is why we are constantly growing our codebase. We develop our tools, building blocks, and pre-integrated solutions to shorten the time to market and drive innovation for our customers.

We deliver solutions in two models


In-house solutions that extend our portfolio

e.g. DotTV


Tailored-made solutions for our customers.

We are happy to support you in the delivery of
tailored-made solutions
especially in our core technology domains.

We have been delivering technology for this industry for many years. It is our bread and butter.

Delivery of the Android TV operating system on a dedicated device along with a customer-fronting video consumption application.

Cost-effective embedded digital signage platform based on RasPi.

Implementation of the OTT video consumption app for the retail market on the Android TV platform.

Integration of video backend to enable migration from traditional content delivery to OTT.

The Internet of Things and automation market presents present great potential. There are also many technical technological problems to be addressed, like fragmentation, compatibility, and security.

Building IoT devices provisioning platforms.

Integration of building automation solutions.

Implementation of short-distance wireless on-chip applications.

Developing software that is closely related to specific hardware requires a special skill set.

Integration of a real-time operating system for an embedded Security Operation Center (SOC) platform.

Implementation of a multilevel security chain of trust on an embedded platform.

Implementation of high-performance data processing systems using Field ProgrammableProgramable Gateway Arrays (FPGA).

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can bring a lot of benefits to business but unfortunately are frequently misused. We will be happy to share our experience with you.

AI-supported customer relationship systems with profiling and recommendations.

Implementation of video pattern detection for the purpose of dynamic ad insertion.

Implementation of video pattern detection for the purpose of dynamic ad insertion.

We can provide you


with tailor-made solutions.


with solutions from our portfolio.

Our solution portfolio

Android TV solution

DotTV by Codespot

for video service provides

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