August 30, 2022

Codespot and StreamVX showcase video shorts integration for Android TV at IBC2022



Integration of our Android TV middleware platform with StreamVX’s products provides economical benefits of our dense and flexible video-processing ecosystem.

Codespot and StreamVX announced today that they would showcase their product integration efforts during the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC2022) held in Amsterdam on September 9-12, 2022. This integration allows fast-track deployment of modern video services on the Android TV platform. Functionalities, like short videos - known from social media platforms - can now be provided to cable TV or Over-the-top (OTT) subscribers. Short video clips can be automatically extracted from service providers’ own longer video assets, processed and served to subscribers in an intuitive and personalized way, allowing for additional monetization from video ads.

Integration of our Android TV middleware platform with StreamVX’s products provides additional benefits to our customers. Not only do they get shorter time-to-market and advanced features, but also can take advantage of the economic benefits of StreamVX’s dense and flexible video-processing ecosystem - said Maciej Grzonkowski, co-founder of Codespot.
As a software-defined video head-end provider, we are well-positioned to build complex media-processing pipelines using our vxApps as building blocks. Partnering with Codespot helps us to showcase these capabilities in real-life scenarios - added Szymon Karbowski, CEO of StreamVX.

The integrated solution will be demonstrated at stand 2.C51 during the International Broadcast Convention (IBC2022) in Amsterdam on September 9-12, 2022. To set up a demo session please contact us

About Codespot’s Android TV solution

Codespot’s Android TV solution enables the deployment of a mix of traditional video services - such as Linear TV, video-on-demand, and more modern features like Catch-up TV and short video clip channels. It runs on retail off-the-shelf Android-based connected TVs and streaming devices, as well as on dedicated set-top boxes, including operator-tier Google-certified Android TV platforms, allowing easy access to top-tier third-party video streaming services. The platform supports versatile network deployment scenarios, including OTT and closed operator network rollouts, and hybrid digital video broadcasting/internet protocol (DVB/IP) installations.

About StreamVX

StreamVX makes the streaming revolution happen - we have left the appliances era behind. As a software product company, we partner with content providers - platforms, telecommunications companies, pay-TV operators and TV broadcasters. We put all the cables needed by the video industry into a server. Our top three expertise areas are reducing infrastructure, minimizing costs, and monetizing data. With over two years in the video industry, and a passionate team of 21 video and streaming geeks - we are changing the industry by moving old-school appliances to software solutions. StreamVX works with top industry players such as Canal+, TOYA and Nielsen. 

About Codespot

We develop software ventures in two different models. We build our startups and solutions as well as we partner with third- party startups and businesses. We work on cutting-edge and challenging technologies and undertake complex projects. Based on our expertise, we focus on a few selected areas: video and entertainment, the Internet of Things (IoT), Embedded, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are a group of software engineers and entrepreneurs who have undertaken significant projects and large-scale product development. After successful exits from our businesses, we evolved into a corporate structure engaged in investment portfolios. Codespot is part of Picasso Ventures and Picasso One - a privately held investment holding that operates in the technology, real estate, and financial markets.

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