August 22, 2022

TOYA selects Codespot’s Android TV-based middleware as its NextGen platform



Codespot will deliver its Android TV-based middleware solution to Poland’s fifth-largest cable operator TOYA.

Codespot, the software solutions arm of Picasso Ventures, announced today that it had signed a contract to deliver its recently announced Android TV-based middleware platform to innovative Polish cable provider TOYA. The solution will power TOYA’s next generation TOYA Maxx 4K Set-top Box offering, which will be deployed early in Q4 2022.

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The solution will smoothly integrate the operator's existing offerings, such as Linear TV, video on demand (VOD), and Catch-up TV with services offered by Google's platform such as voice control or support for premium Over-the-top (OTT) streaming services.

We are delighted to be working with TOYA, known on the market as an innovator. Launching Codespot-powered Operator Tier Android TV hybrid DVB/IPTV/OTT platform will prove that reputation - said Jakub Górski, Managing Partner and co-founder of Codespot.
We are glad that we’ll be able to offer new services to our customers through an easy-to-use user interface, which brings innovation but at the same time does not forget about the habits of our more traditional subscribers  - added Jacek Kobierzycki, CEO of TOYA.
We have designed our platform to be in line with the best practices of Google's Android TV program and at the same time, to be compatible with the specifics of the broadcast environment. Thanks to that, video service operators can not only instantly benefit from Android ecosystem features, but also keep their products up-to-date in the dynamically changing OTT landscape - said Adam Dawidziuk, Chief Software Architect and co-founder of Codespot.

More details regarding this cooperation will be revealed during the International Broadcast Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam on September
9-12, 2022.

About Codespot’s Android TV solution.

Codespot’s Android TV solution enables the deployment of a mix of traditional video services - such as Linear TV, video on demand, and more modern features like Catch-up TV and short video clip channels. It runs on retail off-the-shelf Android-based connected TVs and streaming devices, as well as on dedicated set-top boxes, including operator-tier Google-certified Android TV platforms, allowing easy access to top-tier third-party video streaming services. The platform supports versatile network deployment scenarios, including OTT or closed operator network rollouts, and hybrid digital video broadcasting/internet protocol (DVB/IP) installations.

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About TOYA

The fifth-largest cable operator in Poland, including the largest cable TV operator with an exclusive share of the Polish capital. It provides both stationary and mobile access to digital television, the Internet, and telephony. It provides services to over 200,000 subscribers in several cities of the TOYA network, and digital TV signals to 100,000 outlets in several partner networks in Poland.

About Codespot
We are Codespot, and we develop  software venturesin two different models. We build our startups and solutions as well as we partner with 3rd party startups and businesses. We work on cutting-edge and challenging technologies and undertake complex projects. Based on our expertise, we focus on a few selected areas: video and entertainment, IoT, Embedded, and AI. We are a group of software engineers and entrepreneurs who have undertaken significant projects and large-scale product development. After successful exits from our businesses, we evolved into a corporate structure engaged in investment portfolios. Codespot is part of Picasso Ventures and Picasso One - a privately held investment holding that operates in the technology, real estate, and financial markets.
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